LEGO Super Mario Bowser's Airship Pre-Orders, 2-Player Mode Unveiled


The LEGO Group and Nintendo have some big news regarding their LEGO Super Mario lineup, including the activation of a 2-player mode and the debut of four new Expansion Sets and two Power-Up Packs. One of those expansion sets is Bowser's Airship, which leaked last week and is available to pre-order here on Amazon and here at now for $99.99 with a release date set for August 1st.

The 2-player mode allows players to work together as a team or as competitors. Co-op gameplay includes the ability to collect extra coins by doing in-sync actions like walking, flipping and jumping. You can also work together to defeat enemies and complete challenges. This functionality will be available starting on August 1st with the arrival of the LEGO Adventures with Luigi Starter Course / Amazon ($59.95). Interactive play will be available "using any combination" of the two figures from the LEGO Mario / Amazon ($47.99) and LEGO Luigi Starter Courses. The feature is demonstrated in the video below.

As noted, LEGO has also announced four new expansion sets, which are lead by the 71391 Bowser's Airship Expansion Set. The set clocks in at 1,152-pieces - giving fans their first chance to build a new level within the universe. The ship can be arranged in 'flying mode' or folded out in 'course mode'. It also includes figures of Kamek, a Rocky Wrench and a Goomba, plus a POW Block and a Cannon Start Pipe. Again, pre-orders are live here on Amazon for $99.99 starting today.

The remaining new Expansion Sets and Power-Up Packs in the LEGO Super Mario lineup are listed below. Look for orders to go live at their respective links starting on August 1st.


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