Life Is Strange Studios Rebrands, Teases New Projects

Dontnod Entertainment, often stylized as DONTNOD Entertainment, has rebranded its visuals and name while also teasing some new projects in the process. The studio will now be known simply as "DON'T NOD" according to Tuesday's announcement with a new logo accompanying the revamped name, too. Don't Nod said this new logo is meant to be a versatile one that could be retooled to fit different game genres and projects that may be worked on with Don't Nod teasing that it had some of those very projects on the way.

The "fresh look" for Don't Nod can be seen below in the video showcasing the rebranding. It features a new logo that clearly resembles a "D" and kind of an "N" too if you squint at it, but if that's not clear enough, the "Don't Nod" underneath the logo should make it clear who's made the games you're looking at. We see it used in a couple of different settings throughout the trailer such as a rocky terrain, a snowscape, and on the center of a VHS tape.

While it's hard to make out from those teasers exactly what Don't Nod might be looking to put out in the next couple of months or years, the developer teased that it did indeed have some projects coming up that'll make use of this new logo.

"It's an exciting time for us and we wanted to share our excitement with you! We have produced a reel to showcase our new logo," the Don't Nod team said. "It's an adaptable design and can be tailored to represent different game genres and universes, so it's a good job we have several upcoming projects to test it out on…"

If you've ever wondered why the company was called what it was, Don't Nod had some info on that, too, along with how the new logo achieves its goals.

"DON'T NOD is two words to represent our tendency to be non-conventional as a company and in the games we create – as in, we DON'T NOD along to everyone else's tune," the announcement said. "The D is shattered, and the N appears within it, signifying that we're not afraid to break the mold. This new logo links our games – meaningful, powerful stories – with who we are as a company."

Best known for its Life is Strange games, Don't Nod has made other narrative-based experiences like Tell Me Why and Twin Mirror as well as some other projects like Vampyr. Don't Nod is not specifically mentioned in the Summer Game Fest lineup, but Square Enix is. The Japanese company publishes Don't Nod's Life is Strange games and still will presumably publish more projects in the future given that this IP was not one of the ones it sold, so perhaps we'll see more from Don't Nod in the coming weeks.