Nintendo Insider Leaks New Luigi's Mansion

Recently, a rumor claiming that Next Level Games is working with Nintendo on a remaster of F-Zero GX made the rounds. According to a well-known Nintendo insider, this isn't true. The Canadian developer is best known for its work on the Mario Strikers series and the Luigi's Mansion series. Most recently, this work has produced the likes of Luigi's Mansion 3 and Mario Strikers: Battle League. So, when it's name was attached to a remaster of F-Zero GX, it surprised by many, but according to Zippo that's because it's not true.

Zippo claims that Next Level Games is currently working on three projects. What all three of these projects are, Zippo doesn't say, but one is called out. According to Zippo, a "follow-up to Luigi's Mansion 3" is in the works. Whether this game is Luigi's Mansion 4 or a spin-off, the insider doesn't say.

For those that don't know: Luigi's Mansion debuted back in 2001 with a GameCube game of the same name. Then in 2013, Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon was released on Nintendo 3DS. This is when Next Level Games jumped on board. And then in 2019, Luigi's Mansion 3 was released, the most recent entry in the series. As of December 2022, the game has sold nearly 13 million copies, an impressive return for a more niche release, so a follow-up makes sense. The game also reviewed well, earning an 86 on Metacritic. 

"Luigi's Mansion 3 is a magical return to the franchise which newcomers and old-school fans will delight in," reads a snippet from our review of Luigi's Mansion 3. "Filled with adventure and spooks, the sequel brings back what fans loved about the series' first game. Luigi has never felt more loved in a game before, even when he's been put through seven layers of ghostly hell, and fans will enjoy the game even in its most frustrating moments."

As always, take this rumor with a grain of salt. While Zippo has proven reliable in the past it doesn't negate the fact that everything here is unofficial and even if it's accurate, subject to change.