Madden NFL 23 Will Be Free For a Limited Time Soon

Madden NFL 23 will be free for a limited time very soon, allowing players the opportunity to take in the newly reigned in football season in a big way. Madden is a staple of the gaming industry, just like the other major sports franchises. For decades, the series has been a massive annual release that gives fans the football experience they want. Of course, there have been competitors over the years such as NFL 2K in the early 2000s, but now Madden is currently the sole contender in the NFL spotlight and EA is even aiming to bring back the College Football series in due time. EA has a strangle hold on the football community and ahead of every football season, fans can always expect a new Madden to drop. While some vary in quality, it is the only way to get your modern football gaming fill these days.

With the NFL season starting this weekend, EA has announced that players will be able to play Madden NFL 23 for free via a trial from September 8th – 11th on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, and PS5. This trial will allow players to go hands on with all of the new features available in this year's entry and see how they like what it has to offer. To sweeten the deal even further, EA is selling Madden NFL 23's All-Madden edition at a 25% discount, making it $74.99 plus tax, making it about $10 more expensive than the standard edition. In a statement, Madden producer Seann Graddy stated that the team intends to continue improving the game throughout the next year.

"Our team is passionate about creating the best experience for our players every time they start up Madden NFL 23 and we never stop improving the game after its release," said Graddy. "We've seen so much positive response to things like our new gameplay system, FieldSENSE and other features since launch and we look forward to continuing to deliver the best simulation football experience with new content throughout the NFL season."  

With that said, it seems like now's the best time to jump into the game. ComicBook gave the game a 4/5 and noted that it is one of the best entries in years: "There's nothing revolutionary about Madden NFL 23, but it's a lot more enjoyable than Madden entries of the last few years. A pivot toward simplicity in all facets of the game represents something of a return to form for the franchise, introducing building blocks that can hopefully help foster continued improvement for years to come."

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