Maisie Williams Has a Suggestion for Weapons in Fortnite

One of the beautiful things about the battle royale genre is the fact that it gives players a lot [...]

One of the beautiful things about the battle royale genre is the fact that it gives players a lot of freedom in the way that they come up with strategies. Some like to go in guns blazing, while others prefer to try to weather the storm as long as possible. Maisie Williams seems to fall into the latter category. On Twitter, the Game of Thrones and New Mutants star shared her thoughts on one way that Epic Games could make Fortnite a bit friendlier to those with passive play styles: allowing players to upgrade five weaker guns for a stronger weapon.

Naturally, this is the kind of idea that could prove controversial with some players. After all, a lot of battle royale fans feel really strongly about the "right" way to engage with the game. That said, reception to Williams' tweet has been overwhelmingly positive, with many different Fortnite players arguing in favor of the change. Perhaps Epic Games might want to consider it!

Of course, the developer is constantly looking for new ways to keep players engaged. Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 kicked off last month, and there has been a wealth of content for fans to spend time with, since. The Summer Splash event is currently going on, bringing with it a number of new and returning limited time modes. Today, a new skin was added to the game based on Aquaman's enemy Black Manta. Last but not least, if leaks are to be believed, cars will be coming to the game in a few short days, which will also be accompanied by more limited time modes! With so many changes happening in Fortnite these days, it might not be a bad idea for Epic Games to look into Williams' idea!

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