Mario Party Superstars Revealed for Nintendo Switch

Nintendo revealed that it is working on a new installment in its long-running Mario Party [...]

Nintendo revealed that it is working on a new installment in its long-running Mario Party franchise and is planning to release the game later this year. This latest installment is known as Mario Party Superstars and it looks to bring back a number of mini-games and boards from titles that first released during the Nintendo 64 era.

Revealed as part of Nintendo's E3 2021 Direct presentation, Mario Party Superstars was shown off via a new trailer. The game is going to bring back five iconic boards from various Mario Party games that first appeared in some of the original installments. The boards that have been confirmed so far include Peach's Birthday Cake and Space Land. In addition, 100 mini-games that are considered some of the most beloved from the series' history will also be making a comeback.

The reveal trailer in question for Mario Party Superstars gave us our first glimpse at what some of these new boards and games will look like. As expected, the HD graphics bring far more life to these levels than ever before. If you're someone who grew up playing these levels and games, seeing them essentially remade in this fashion for Mario Party Superstars is pretty impressive and shows just how far visuals have come over the years.

What's best of all, Nintendo also revealed that Mario Party Superstars isn't that far off from release. The game is set to arrive later this fall on October 29, exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

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