Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Sequel Teased by Insider

It looks as though Ubisoft and Nintendo could be gearing up to announce a sequel to Mario + [...]

It looks as though Ubisoft and Nintendo could be gearing up to announce a sequel to Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle at some point within the next week. According to a sly new tease from one video game industry insider, a follow-up entry to the 2017 strategy title could now be on its way. And while there's still very little that we know about this project, its existence wouldn't be much of a shock considering how well the first installment did.

Rumors of this new Mario + Rabbids game stem from one Nick Baker, who has been a frequent video game insider and leaker in the past. Baker took to social media earlier today and simply posted an image of the key art from Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle that features the number two emblazoned on the right side. Baker didn't share a caption of any sort with the image, but it seems quite obvious that he's suggesting a sequel to Kingdom Battle could be revealed quite soon.

If such a reveal were to happen in the near future, then this Saturday at Ubisoft Forward would likely be the venue in which we could hear more. Even though this project does feature Nintendo characters, Ubisoft is the company that developed and published the original game. As such, a sequel would surely appear during its own live stream rather than showing up next week during Nintendo's upcoming Direct, which will transpire on June 15.

As mentioned, the notion that Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle could be getting a sequel isn't all that surprising since the game did well in all areas. Not only was the title commercially successful based on what we know, but it was also well-received by both fans and critics alike. Essentially, everything that we know about the first title's performance suggests that Ubisoft would be wise to create a follow-up.

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