Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Confirmed, Key Art

As per tradition in the run-up to E3, a flurry of leaks from games intended to be announced at the [...]

As per tradition in the run-up to E3, a flurry of leaks from games intended to be announced at the event are making their way online. Alleged artwork from Ubisoft's worst kept secret, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle has emerged via a tweet that was apparently deleted. Vigilant Twitter user FatalFlowey was fast enough to save this aforementioned image and reposted it for all to see:

Communicating with our Ubisoft sources, we were able to verify the authenticity of the image and are now able to share a full size version of it:


The long-rumoured strategy RPG, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is currently scheduled for release in August and is set to debut at E3 in June. We will have more details on the game and its development soon.


Originally posted by Matthew Hayes:

"While the immediate reaction online was largely negative, we're really digging the game so far. Yes, it's silly. Yes, it's over the top and goofy. Yes, this is a Rabbids game. Anyone who's played Ubisoft's infamous Raving Rabbids games knows that they all share the same zany sense of humor, but you know what? It actually works. The games are genuinely laugh-out-loud funny, and we have a feeling that the marrying of that humor and Nintendo's flagship style and gameplay philosophy is going to make for a fantastic little game.

As for what kind of game this will turn out to be, we still don't know. We're hearing that it's going to be a strategy RPG of sorts, but beyond that it's hard to speculate. We've heard that the game will feature turn-based battles and co-op, and that it will be releasing later this year. If that's the case, then we're definitely going to get a great look at this game next month during E3. We can't wait for that, because this is definitely shaping up to be the most unique game on the Nintendo Switch.

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