Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle’s Latest Trailer Focuses On The Heroic Plumber

We’re just a few weeks away from experiencing the strategic bliss of Ubisoft’s Mario + [...]

We're just a few weeks away from experiencing the strategic bliss of Ubisoft's Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, and to celebrate its forthcoming arrival, the publisher has debuted a new trailer for the game, focusing on the one and only Mario's role in the game.

It's a pretty short trailer, clocking in at just under a minute and a half, but it's still a rather cool one, as you get to see just what kind of moves and weapons Mario is able to use within the game. He isn't afraid to lay the smackdown on a few Rabbids, especially when it comes to those that are trying to mimic the looks of his allies, like Luigi and Peach.

First off, Mario has some good distance weapons to use in the game, and one particularly cool-looking cannon is called the Bumblebee. It looks to deliver quite a stinger (see what we did there?) as it goes across the map and hits a Rabbid head on.

But sometimes you just gotta get up close and personal, and that's where we get a glimpse at some of the melee weapons within the game. This includes a rather large hammer with some Mario décor on it, and, yes, it looks rather cool when you see it in action. That, combined with his other skills, should make him a force to be reckoned with.

You can check out the trailer above, which also provides a good idea of how the strategic gameplay should work. Younger, less experienced players shouldn't worry – this is a Mario-themed game after all, and Ubisoft is making sure that it delivers something for newbies and experts alike.

And kudos to Ubisoft for keeping Mario true to form with his looks. Nintendo wasn't involved in the game's development, as it was strictly handled by the teams at Ubisoft Paris and Milan. But it's staying true to form to the nature of the character and his world, so, yeah, thumbs up.

Enjoy the trailer and look forward to the full game when it drops on Nintendo Switch starting August 29th! Don't forget that Amazon Prime members can save 20% when they pre-order. We'll have a review following its release.