Marvel Champions Reveals MojoMania Scenario Pack Details

Marvel Champions: The Card Game will be introducing a brand type of modular encounter in its upcoming MojoMania encounter set. This week, Fantasy Flight Games announced that the new MojoMania Encounter Set, which will be released later this year for Marvel Champions: The Card Game, will feature a brand new single card modular encounter. While most modular encounters include villains or complicating factors for players to overcome during Marvel Champions games, this new encounter adds Longshot as a helpful ally that's swoops in at random and immediately enters play on the side of the heroes. Longshot doesn't count towards a player's ally limit and his card can be added to any scenario deck.

Longshot will be included in the MojoMania Encounter Set, which contains three scenarios that comprise a mini-campaign set in the Mojoverse. Players will have to face off against MaGog, Spiral, and Mojo in different scenarios. Players must first fight MaGog in a battle for ratings, then have to chase Spiral across the Mojoverse, before finally trying to defeat Mojo before they get "cancelled" by writers. The Mojo and Spiral encounters also make use of six modular encounters that feature different TV show genres that players get trapped in while trying to escape the Mojoverse. 

Marvel Champions: The Card Game is a living card game in which players use a deck based around a specific hero and work with other heroes to defeat supervillains and thwart their schemes. Each scenario has different rules and circumstances, and players can choose to either use a pre-built Hero Deck or make a custom deck that uses a specific hero's cards along with cards from one of four distinct aspects.

The MojoMania Scenario Pack for Marvel Champions: The Card Game will be released this fall.