Marvel: Crisis Protocol Reveals Dormammu and Doctor Voodoo's Abilities

Dormammu is officially the most powerful character in Marvel: Crisis Protocol, although its more [...]

Dormammu is officially the most powerful character in Marvel: Crisis Protocol, although its more likely that Doctor Voodoo will see a lot more time on the battlefield. Over the last week, Atomic Mass Games released the character cards for Dormammu and Doctor Voodoo, two upcoming characters that will be released for Marvel: Crisis Protocol. Dormammu notably will be the single-most powerful character in Marvel: Crisis Protocol, with a Threat level of 8. Dormammu is two Threat higher than Thanos, although Thanos can up his threat by equipping multiple Infinity Gems.

Both Dormammu and Doctor Voodoo have some interesting abilities that should help them stand out in Marvel: Crisis Protocol, which has nearly 100 characters at this point. Dormammu is an incredibly hard hitter, as he deals damage based on both his own successes as well as any failures rolled by himself or his target. Dormammu also continuously gains energy whenever he or any of his allies take damage from an opponent's attacks, meaning that he'll likely be able to use his superpowers and attacks every single round.

Dormammu is also the leader of a unique Dark Dimension affiliation. If Dormammu is on a squad of characters, the squad is immediately affiliated with the Dark Dimension with Dormammu as his leader, regardless of who else is on the squad. All Dark Dimension characters gain an extra Power at the beginning of the round, but they take damage if they have 6 or more Power at the start of a round.

dormammu character card
(Photo: Atomic Mass Games)
dormammu injured
(Photo: Atomic Mass Games)

Because of Dormammu's Threat level, it's likely that he won't make regular appearances on many Marvel: Crisis Protocol tables. However, Doctor Voodoo's unique abilities make him seem like a "must-use" character in a lot of circumstances. Several of Voodoo's powers are tied to the spirit of his brother Daniel, which is represented as a token that can be moved around the battlefield. Voodoo starts with the Brother Daniel token on him and automatically gains 2 Defense dice to all rolls. Voodoo can also use Brother Daniel to possess an opponent, which causes an enemy character to drop Objective tokens automatically and prevents them from holding, interacting with, or contesting objective tokens. Couple that with an attack that burns off an opponent's power, and Doctor Voodoo seems like a very potent and strategic character, especially with only a Threat level of 4.

(Photo: Atomic Mass Games)
(Photo: Atomic Mass Games)

Marvel: Crisis Protocol is a miniatures skirmish game in which players control the heroes and villains of the Marvel Universe while competing against another player. Players can use any configuration of heroes and villains, provided their team's total Threat Level is equal to or lower than the Threat Level of whatever scenario players choose to play through. With nearly 100 characters to choose from and nearly every major Marvel team represented in some way, Marvel: Crisis Protocol is a must-play for any Marvel fan.

Dormammu and Doctor Voodoo will be released for Marvel: Crisis Protocol later this year.