Marvel Crisis Protocol Reveals Massive Dormammu Miniature, Will Add Other Mystic Marvel Characters

Marvel: Crisis Protocol has announced a series of new Character Packs, including their largest [...]

Marvel: Crisis Protocol has announced a series of new Character Packs, including their largest miniature ever in the Dread Dormammu. Atomic Mass Games released a new trailer for their miniatures skirmish game Marvel: Crisis Protocol revealing a total of eight new miniatures and a brand new piece of terrain. The game will add Clea, the Ancient One, Brother Voodoo, the Hood (who comes with two different miniatures), Baron Mordo, and Dormammu to the game, as well as a new Dr. Strange miniature on a normal sized base. A Terrain Pack for the Sanctum Sanctorum will also be released. Notably, the Dormammu miniature will be Marvel: Crisis Protocol's largest miniature yet and will come with the rules needed to run an Ultimate Encounter that pits two players against a third player controlling Dormammu. Atomic Mass Games released a trailer for its new group of characters packs, which you can view above.

Marvel: Crisis Protocol is a miniatures skirmish game in which players control the heroes and villains of the Marvel universe as they team up to complete certain missions. Players can build a team using any combination of characters, although there are benefits for having at least some characters with the same affiliation.

Atomic Mass Games previously released a Dr. Strange and Wong Character Pack for Marvel: Crisis Protocol, although that Dr. Strange miniature used a larger base than the new miniature. Dr. Strange is the third character to receive multiple miniatures, following Black Widow and Spider-Man (Peter Parker.)

During a Twitch live stream, the Atomic Mass Games team revealed the Dormammu miniature's full size, revealing that his miniature is about twice as tall as the previously released Thanos miniature, which was already one of the larger miniatures in the game. Considering the scale of this miniature, we can't help but wonder if Atomic Mass Games has plans for other towering Marvel characters, such as Giant-Man, Fin Fang Foom, or even a Sentinel robot.

Marvel: Crisis Protocol Character Packs containing Dormammu, Dr. Strange and Clea, Doctor Voodoo and the Hood, and the Ancient One and Mordo will be released in Q3 2021. Additionally, Atomic Mass Games confirmed that Moon Knight and Blade would also be released together in a Character Pack that also launches the new Midnight Sons affiliation.