Marvel: Crisis Protocol Previews New Characters

Marvel: Crisis Protocol has revealed several new figures that will debut next year. Atomic Mass [...]

Marvel: Crisis Protocol has revealed several new figures that will debut next year. Atomic Mass Games debuted several new Marvel: Crisis Protocol figures at PAX Unplugged this weekend, giving players a preview of some upcoming character packs. The new figures include Hawkeye, a new sculpt of Black Widow (referred to as Agent Black Widow), Drax, Ronin the Accuser, the Green Goblin, Black Dwarf, and the Ebony Maw. The preview also noted that Thanos would be part of an "Ultimate Encounter Pack," teasing that a skirmish involving Thanos may have different rules than other character packs. You can check out photos of the new figures in the Facebook post below:

Marvel: Crisis Protocol is a new miniatures skirmish game in which players form teams made up of classic Marvel heroes and villains and then pits them against each other in different scenarios. While players try to defeat their opponent's characters, the true goal is to accumulate victory points by accomplishing the objectives of that specific scenario. As players battle, they accumulate Power resources that they can use to fuel even stronger attacks. Additionally, most characters become even more powerful once injured, showing their resolve in battle. Another key difference between Marvel: Crisis Protocol and other miniatures games is that players can interact with terrain, allowing them to toss everything from trash cans to cars to buildings to opponents.

So far, 12 characters have been released for Marvel: Crisis Protocol, including Captain America, Iron Man, Ultron, the Hulk, and the Red Skull. More figures have also been announced, including Black Panther, Venom, and members of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

No release date has been announced for the new Marvel: Crisis Protocol character packs, but they're expected to come out in 2020. Marvel: Crisis Protocol's Core Set, as well as Character Packs for the Hulk and MODOK are available to purchase now.