Marvel Future Revolution Now Available

Marvel Future Revolution, the mobile video game from Netmarble and Marvel, has officially launched [...]

Marvel Future Revolution, the mobile video game from Netmarble and Marvel, has officially launched on iOS and Android. The open-world, action role-playing video game is the latest Marvel title from Netmarble, and marks a significant departure from previous titles like Marvel Future Fight with a major emphasis on costume customization. All told, and as evidenced by the launch trailer above, it looks pretty slick.

Marvel Future Revolution essentially begins with a number of different Earths having converged into a single new "Primary Earth" with areas like New Stark City, the Hydra Empire, Sakaar, and so on. The playable "Omega Flight" team of superheroes defend Primary Earth. The mobile video game currently includes eight playable characters: Black Widow, Captain America, Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Star-Lord, and Storm. Villains in the video game include the likes of Ultron, M.O.D.O.K., Yellowjacket, and Thanos. It also includes an original story that is inspired by previous Marvel arcs and narratives.

"Through creative technology, a highly collaborative relationship with Marvel, and a shared vision, we've been able to elevate the mobile gaming experience to deliver high-fidelity visuals, massive-scale battles and a standard of gameplay that we feel confident attaching Netmarble's 'Revolution' label to," said Simon Sim, President of Netmarble US, as part of the press release announcing the game's availability. "The overwhelming response we've received from the global community since first announcing MARVEL Future Revolution is a solid indicator – we're delivering on fans' expectations."

"The teams at Netmarble and Marvel were determined to raise the bar and deliver an innovative experience to players around the world, so together we dove deep into our comic book vaults to create an expansive Open World that's bursting with iconic locations and fan-favorite characters reimagined in surprising new fusions," said Bill Rosemann, VP of Creative at Marvel Games, in the same press release. "At our core, we're all lifelong Marvel fans making games for other Marvel fans. When you combine that true love for Marvel with amazingly skilled collaborators brave enough to cut loose, that's when the magic happens."

As noted above, Marvel Future Revolution is now available for iOS and Android devices. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the upcoming Marvel-branded mobile title from Netmarble right here.

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