Marvel's Iron Man VR Pre-Order Bonuses and Deluxe Edition Revealed

Sony revealed a special edition of its upcoming Marvel’s Iron Man VR game this week along with [...]

Sony revealed a special edition of its upcoming Marvel's Iron Man VR game this week along with all of the bonuses players will get for pre-ordering the game ahead of its release. It's scheduled to be released on February 28th, a date we now know thanks to another reveal during a panel at New York Comic-Con, and you'll get some special Iron Man suits for buying the Digital Deluxe version of the game and by pre-ordering it early.

Eight different suits are up for grabs as part of the Marvel's Iron Man VR bonuses, and the only way that you'll be able to get them all is through pre-ordering the Digital Deluxe Edition. Four suits go to whoever pre-orders any version of the game and four are exclusive to the Digital Deluxe Edition. You can see each of the suits from the more expensive version of the game below along with the ones you get from pre-ordering the game. We've also got a breakdown of everything that's included in both versions alongside the suits.

Marvel's Iron Man VR Bonuses
(Photo: Sony)

Digital Deluxe Edition Bonuses ($49.99)

  • Marvel's Iron Man VR Game
  • 4 Deluxe Edition Deco Armors (Golden Avenger, Black Centurion, Sun Stinger, Stealth Armor)
  • 12 Research Points – Research Points are gained by analyzing combat data from Iron Man's performance in the field. This research and analysis allows Friday to develop new technology (weapons and augments) for the Impulse Suit. Use these Research Points to unlock some weapons and augments early and customize to play style.
  • Marvel's Iron Man VR Digital Deluxe Soundtrack
  • Digital Deluxe Edition Iron Man PS4 Theme

Pre-Order Bonuses (Any Edition)

  • 4 Custom Armor Decos (Origin Armor, Vintage Armor, Silver Centurion Armor, & Ultraviolet Armor)
  • Marvel's Iron Man VR Dynamic PS4 theme
Marvel's Iron Man VR Bonuses2
(Photo: Sony)

Since this new Iron Man game is indeed a virtual reality project, it's worth keeping in mind when you're pre-ordering that Tony Stark's hi-tech gauntlets will probably be the part of your fancy bonus suit you're seeing most of the time. Cutscenes and other ways of seeing the suit like looking down and seeing reflective surfaces will hopefully give players more opportunities to see their bonus suits though.

It was also revealed during the presentation that the game would feature Ghost as the main villain as the trailer at the top shows.

Marvel's Iron Man VR is scheduled to release exclusively for the PlayStation 4 on February 28th.