Marvel Snap Revealed, Trailer Released

A new Marvel card game is coming to mobile devices later this year. Nuverse and Second Dinner have announced Marvel Snap, a brand-new collectible card game that will launch later this year on mobile and PC devices. The game will initially feature over 150 iconic Marvel characters with a combination of classic artwork from throughout Marvel's 80-year history and brand-new, original illustrations.

"We're thrilled to collaborate with the world-class development talent at Second Dinner and the cutting-edge global publishing of Nuverse to bring this innovative game to Marvel fans and CCG players alike," said Jay Ong, Executive Vice President of Marvel Entertainment, as part of the announcement. "Seeing how our teams have been working together utilizing our beloved Marvel characters and their stories, we know Second Dinner and Nuverse have all the ingredients to deliver a landmark video game." You can check out the first trailer for Marvel Snap below: 

The card game will focus on PvP play, with matches taking about 3-minutes to complete. Gameplay involves battling for control of three unique locations, each of which has their own unique rules and effects. Each card also has a different effect, so the key will be figuring out which cards work well together while also trying to disrupt your opponent's plays. Players will try to arrange their cards on the board to maximize their scores to gain control of a location. Gameplay takes place simultaneously, so players won't need to wait for their opponent to make a move during a match. As the games progress, players can "SNAP" to raise the stakes, which will impact how much a win or loss impacts a player's overall rank. Marvel Snap will also utilize a variety of different animations, effects, and voiceovers to make the game feel like a true Marvel experience. 

As a collectible card game, Marvel Snap is also emphasizing the collectibility aspect of the game. There are dozens of variants, ranging from alternate art styles to sets made by a specific artist, to sets that use variant costumes or art from specific comic runs. New cards will be added on a continuous basis, and the designers emphasized that players can earn every card for free over time. 

Players can sign up for a limited closed beta on Android devices starting today, and they can also get updates about when Marvel Snap will be released by signing up for the game's newsletter. Marvel Snap will be released later this year on mobile and PC devices and will be supported in 13 different languages.