New Spider-Man PS4 Art Revealed

Insomniac Games has revealed a brand-new piece of Spider-Man PS4 art. Why? Because the game is [...]

Insomniac Games has revealed a brand-new piece of Spider-Man PS4 art. Why? Because the game is going in the new museum at the Empire State Building in New York City, and so the team wanted to create a new piece of art for the exhibit, which it did, and then it revealed it to the Internet via Twitter. The new piece of art specifically features Spidey in his white-spider Advanced Suit, the game's default suit that Insomniac Games created, and of course, he's swinging in front the Empire State Building.

The new piece of art doesn't reveal or showcase anything particularly salient, but it does show the detail of the game's suits and webbing. In other words, it shows just how impressive that game's engine is, and how much attention to detail the artists at Insomniac Games paid to the different suits in the game. There's a huge slab of different, unique suits in the PS4 game, and they are all brought to life with equal and meticulous attention to detail.

Marvel's Spider-Man is available for the PS4 and the PS4 only. At the moment of publishing, there's been no word of a PS5 port. That said, Sony did recently release a Game of the Year Edition, which bundles the game with its three DLC releases starring Black Cat, Silver Sable, Hammerhead, and more.

"Marvel's Spider-Man is the best superhero movie you can't buy a ticket to see, and it's one of the best open-world games of the generation," reads the opening of our review of the game. "Insomniac Games has shown great audacity in its effort to craft a wholly original Spider-Man story, with its own timeline and set of origin stories. Having played the game from start to finish, I can say that even the most hardcore comic book fans will have their expectations exceeded by Marvel's Spider-Man's impossible scope and exhaustive fan service."