Marvel's Spider-Man: Remastered Actor Comments on Face Change Controversy

Last year, Sony and Insomniac Games encountered a bit of backlash from fans when Marvel's Spider-Man: Remastered on PlayStation 5 changed the appearance of Peter Parker from the PS4 version. The PS4 game featured a slightly older take on Peter Parker, and the character's design seemed to reflect that. However, the Remastered version went with a slightly younger appearance, which many fans compared to live-action actor Tom Holland. In a new interview with, Peter Parker's PlayStation actor Yuri Lowenthal addressed the controversy, stating that he understood the decision behind the change, while also sympathizing with those that prefer the look on PS4.

"I did know it was coming, and I did agree with all the reasons [Insomniac] were going ahead with it," Lowenthal told "I know that people, once they fall in love with something, for you to change that thing is very hard... and understandably so! There are a lot of people who will always love that original thing best, but I think the reasons they did it were sound, and going forward, the game will benefit."

"I understand it's also especially hard when you form an emotional attachment. Playing a game is playing a game, and you get used to things, but the story and characters from that game, we all grew to love them," said Lowenthal. "When you've formed that emotional attachment and that thing changes, it's hard. I'm hoping people in the end will understand it was done for the good of the game and will understand it's for the good of the franchise. We'll all get used to it!"

It's worth noting that the pushback against Peter's new look has quieted down a bit since Marvel's Spider-Man: Remastered released alongside PS5. By the time Marvel's Spider-Man 2 is ready to release, it seems like a safe bet that fans will have grown accustomed to the new look, if they haven't already. At the end of the day, Peter's appearance is a lot less important than the gameplay itself, and Insomniac Games has already proven itself with two Spider-Man releases, thus far. It will likely be some time before the next game comes, but If the gameplay proves just as endearing, that's all that will matter.


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