Marvel's Avengers Reveals First Gameplay of Jane Foster's Mighty Thor

Prior to her addition to the game in the coming day, Marvel's Avengers developer Crystal Dynamics has today given players a first full look at Jane Foster -- also known as The Mighty Thor. Foster is the latest character that has joined the roster and stands as the 11th playable character overall (at least for those on PlayStation platforms). And while it previously wasn't known how exactly she would play in-game, we've now been given quite a deep look at her in action. 

Revealed in a new War Table video released by Crystal Dynamics, the studio gave a full breakdown of The Mighty Thor in Marvel's Avengers. As you would expect, Foster's version of Thor controls in a similar manner to the original Thor, with most of her moves centering around her use of Mjolnir. She also has a number of abilities at her disposal which sees her unleashing lighting attacks upon various enemies. Foster can also hurl Mjolnir at her foes and boasts a unique ability that lets her deal greater damage when throwing the hammer than Thor himself can dole out. 

You can watch the full presentation for yourself in the video below: 

As for how The Mighty Thor canonically fits into this world of Marvel's Avengers, Crystal Dynamics has found a unique way to add her into the story. "In Marvel's Avengers, Jane – The Mighty Thor – is torn from an alternate timeline through a rift in space-time caused by Tachyon Anomalies. In her original timeline, Jane became the Goddess of Thunder when she took up the mantle from Thor, who in his grief gave up Mjolnir after the A-Day tragedy and Jane's cancer diagnosis," details Crystal Dyanmics' own description of the character. 

Again, Jane Foster's version of Thor is slated to come to Marvel's Avengers tomorrow on June 28th alongside a substantial update for the game. This patch will also be available on all platforms that Avengers appears on including PlayStation, Xbox, and PC

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