Marvel's Avengers Reveals First Look at Jane Foster

Crystal Dynamics has provided Marvel's Avengers fans with their first look at the Avengers game's next DLC character, Jane Foster, also known as The Mighty Thor. There's still no gameplay of the character, but today marks the first time players have seen what the character looks like in-game. Yesterday, Crystal Dynamics stealth released The Mighty Thor: Out of Time Stealth, a special video that detailed how the character came to join the Avengers, but it did not feature a look at the character in the actual game.

Alongside revealing the first-ever image of the character, Crystal Dynamics has also gone ahead and released several bits of concept art for various suits players can expect the character to have when she's added to the game on June 28, with the default option being the Iconic Outfit, aka the outfit in the image below.

"Although she's from another dimension, Jane is adorned in true Asgardian finery. Eagle-eyed fans will notice the connective tissue between this Jane look and our Iconic Odinson, which is 100% by design," says Jeff Adams, Art Director on the game. "But where Odinson's look is regal, Jane's is designed to be fiercer and warrior-like. Her aggressively-shaped winged mask, a departure from past versions of her comics look, is instantly evocative of her core DNA."

In addition to the suit above, Crystal Dynamics revealed the Mighty Outfit, Valkyrie Outfit, and Thordis Outfit, with insight from the aforementioned Adams accompanying each. 

"Her Mighty outfit is our faithful reinterpretation of her instant-classic design from Thor #1 (2014), brought to life beautifully by Russell Dauterman. With the addition of Norse-inspired detailing across the suit, and further material embellishment, we like to think this is look leaps off the page into full cinema-quality glory."

"In the comics, Jane evolves over time from the Mighty Thor to Valkyrie, an earthly agent of Asgard. We stayed very close to her core design, imagined once again by the talented Russell Dauterman. Through thoughtful additions of decorative and construction details, this deceptively graphic-looking design springs to life in game. To further capture the magic of her comic origins, we made her primary weapon Undrjarn, the All-Weapon."

"Longtime Jane fans might recognize this look's inspiration from What If? #10 (1977). In this story its Jane Foster, not Donald Blake, who lifts Mjolnir and is imbued with Thor's power. While its classically driven source design is faithfully expressed, we added embossing detail and extended loincloths to give it a modernized feel."