'Marvel's Spider-Man' and 'Kingdom Hearts III' Come Together for an Epic Selfie

Photo Mode has been an increasingly popular feature we've seen in video games over recent years, [...]

Photo Mode has been an increasingly popular feature we've seen in video games over recent years, and more and more developers including it in their titles, fans are coming up with some creative ways to use the tool. That said, one gamer decided to bring the likes of Marvel's Spider-Man and Kingdom Hearts III's Sora together for one epic selfie.

Reddit user Clutchlicious recently shared their creation on the r/SpidermanPS4 subreddit, and it shows the two protagonists hanging out in the streets of New York City. While Sora may seem a little out of place, we're sure he would be able to handle his own in Spidey's world.

Spidey + Sora selfie from r/SpidermanPS4

There is no denying that each game has its own extensive Photo Mode. Kingdom Hearts III gives players the ability to snap a shot as Sora alongside friends in the many worlds that the game has to offer. This comes in handy when you're looking to capture a specific moment, or if you're just hanging out with the crew.

Spider-Man PS4 even allows fans to create some incredible images. Whether it is while swinging from building to building, or hanging out on the streets, players are able to show Spidey in some pretty great situations. Plus, who wouldn't want to grab a selfie with either of the characters above?

Both Marvel's Spider-Man and Kingdom Hearts III are available now. The former is exclusive to PlayStation 4, while the latter is available on PS4 and Xbox One. Now if only we could get that incredible Into the Spider-Verse suit concept into the PlayStation 4 hit. Better yet, let's try to work some magic and have Sora added to the web-slinging action. That would be a sight to see.

What do you have to say about the awesome selfie featuring Sora and Spider-Man? Do you have any interesting creations of your own from using a game's Photo Mode? Sound off in the comment section below, or share your thoughts with me over on Twitter @anarkE7!