'Metal Gear Solid' Movie Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts Says You Aren't Ready for 'Death Stranding'

Movie director Jordan Vogt-Roberts said he got a chance to play Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding and has determined people aren't ready for what Kojima has in store for them.

The director of movies like Kong: Skull Island and the upcoming Metal Gear Solid film, Vogt-Roberts tweeted about his time with Kojima's game on Wednesday to confirm that, like other notable figures in the film and games industry, he'd had to chance to play Death Stranding. Vogt-Roberts shared a picture of himself next to Kojima with the artist Yoji Shinkawa on the far left, an artist who's know for his work on the Metal Gear Solid characters and designs. The director said Death Stranding was "like freebasing pure Kojima & Shinkawa" and compared it to Mad Max: Fury Road before emphasizing the fact that people aren't ready for it.

Vogt-Roberts is far from the first one to voice his thoughts on Death Stranding with others either seeing gameplay from it or playing it themselves. Actor Mads Mikkelsen did motion capture work in Death Stranding to have his likeness portrayed as a character, but even he said he didn't fully understand it when Kojima pitched him the idea for the game. He said he eventually understood it and that it "makes sense when it's done" but was otherwise difficult to make sense of when Kojima's talking about it.

Developers from Guerrilla Games, the creators of Horizon Zero Dawn and the Killzone series, also got a chance to see some Death Stranding footage. Some of them used words like "amazing" and "masterful" while others said they were just "speechless" after seeing the game in action.

All these individuals in their industries have had high praises for the game, though the majority of people only have what others have said to go off of. Trailers and gameplay have been slim regarding Death Stranding, though Kojima's certainly not been shy about teasers leading up to these occasional reveals.


Death Stranding currently doesn't have a release date, though Kojima said getting it released will take a while.