This Cosplayer's Metroid Dark Samus Costume From 'Super Smash Bros. Ultimate' Is Out of This World

We’ve shared some pretty awesome cosplays over the past few months, but we haven’t seen too [...]

We've shared some pretty awesome cosplays over the past few months, but we haven't seen too many variations when it comes to Metroid. That's likely to change sometime later this year as Metroid Prime 4 ramps up for release; but that hasn't stopped one crafty fan from showcasing what they can do with Dark Samus!

Dark Samus

A Twitter user named AlexVeens, who goes under the name Roar and Clank, shared a great new cosplay where they're wearing incredible Dark Samus armor. Check it out in the animated GIF below!

Granted, the suit doesn't have LED's, but we're very impressed with the armor design. And it looks rather flexible, so it looks fairly easy to get downstairs and to take on pesky Metroids where needed.

The outfit is well liked by a number of people, with over 10,000 retweets and over 42,000 likes. And it's popular on Instagram as well, as you can see in the post below.

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And this, is a 6 layer paint job x) Im pretty proud of it! Now I only need to install the leds, led foam, edit some stuff aaaannnd its done! Which makes it probably done by the end of this week. Cant wait to see how its gonna look with the lights installed.. Which makes it done before EpicCon! So I will most definately take Dark Samus with me~ #cosplaylover #cosplay #cosplayarmor #cosplayersofinstagram #cosplayprop #cosplayersofig #evafoam #cosplayphotography #propmaker #foamsmith #Insulationfoam #workinprogress #cosplayfoam #foamarmor #dutchcosplay #cosplayers #DarkSamus #DarksamusCosplay #Metroid #MetroidCosplay #Nintendo #NintendoCosplay #Samusaran #Samusarancosplay #SupersmashBrosultimate #gaming #cosplaygirl #metroidprime #cosplaylife

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AlexVeens has already noted that they intends to update once the LED lights are installed, and fans that are attending EpicCon should be able to see it in action.

As a result of its popularity, Roar and Clank expressed their thanks in a following Twitter post, which you can see below- along with another shot of that sweet armor.

We can't wait to see the finished costume with the LED lights. Do share with us, Roar and Clank!

Metroid Prime 4 doesn't currently have a release date, but it is in the works for Nintendo Switch!