Metroid Prime 4 Job Listing Leaves Nintendo Fans Hopeless

A new job listing associated with the development of Metroid Prime 4 has left many Nintendo fans feeling hopeless. All the way back in 2017, Nintendo announced that it was officially working on a fourth installment in the Metroid Prime series for Nintendo Switch, which made longtime fans ecstatic. Sadly, the game's development was later revealed to have been rebooted in early 2019 with Retro Studios now taking the lead. Since that time, Nintendo hasn't said a word about the game's status, at least in a way that would be provide clarity on what's happening behind the scenes. Now, Retro Studios has broken that silence just a bit today, but in the process, it's only made some fans feel nothing but dread. 

On social media this morning, Retro Studios put out a public call to let prospective developers know that it was hiring for a pair of new roles at the company to work on Metroid Prime 4. While the message was aimed at potential job candidates, fans ended up flooding the post with responses. Some of these responses were simply happy to see Metroid Prime 4 mentioned whatsoever, but others were far more negative. In short, they inferred that for Retro to be hiring for key roles on the game's development team at this point in time must mean that MP4 is still a long way off from release. Obviously, there's no way to actually know this for certain, but many took this message to be a disappointing one when it comes to any potential launch for the game in the near term.

At this point in time, it's hard to actually know when Metroid Prime 4 will finally launch. Both Nintendo and Retro Studios haven't said a word about when the game might be slated to come to Nintendo Switch. In fact, no new trailers or teasers of any sort have even been released since the first logo for the game was shown back at E3 in 2017. While this could certainly change over the course of 2022, it definitely seems like Nintendo is going to remain pretty silent about this game until it knows for certain when it will hit store shelves. 

When do you think that Metroid Prime 4 will actually end up releasing on Nintendo Switch? And do you believe that the game could be closer than some fans are inferring? Let me know your own thoughts on this matter either down in the comments section or on Twitter at @MooreMan12.