Metroid: Samus Returns Revealed for Nintendo 3DS, 2DS

Just because Nintendo's E3 Spotlight presentation is done, that doesn't mean we're finished with [...]

Just because Nintendo's E3 Spotlight presentation is done, that doesn't mean we're finished with the surprises and new game announcements! Nintendo just showed off, for the first time ever, Metroid: Samus Returns during its Treehouse Live showcase. It will be coming to the Nintendo 3DS and 2DS family of systems on September 15. Check out the reveal trailer above.

For those of you who have been playing Metroid for decades, the name may strike you as familiar. That's because this is a total re-imagining of Metroid 2: Samus Returns on the Game Boy. Obviously the game has received a huge visual upgrade, and it's not just the visuals that are new; there are plenty of new gameplay mechanics and refinements as well.

Unlike the original game, in Samus Returns features full 360-degree aiming with Samus' arm cannon. The team has also added an interesting new melee counter ability that will come in handy in latter portions of the game when things start getting really tough.

What's more, the team has made exploration even more enjoyable than ever. The thing that makes a Metroid game feel like a Metroid game is a huge sprawling map with tons of secret paths and treasures to discover. As you play, you'll constantly encounter areas or doors that you can't get through without the aid of a specific weapon or power-up. Sometimes, you can only access those power-ups or weapons without the assistance of other power-ups and weapons needed to access other secret areas... It gets crazy complicated, and we love it.

In Samus Returns, you'll be able to place pins on your mini map whenever you come across a set of stones or a certain door or obstacle that you can't overcome. That way, you know whenever you get an upgrade that you'll need to go back to that area and see what you can find. There are more quality of life improvements like that one to make playing through this re-imagining viable and exciting for modern gamers.

Nintendo also revealed a special edition of the game that will release with a reversible cover and soundtrack CD. Check this out:

special edition

And don't forget! Metroid Prime 4 is now official, and it's headed to Nintendo Switch! If you missed the reveal, get caught up right here. Stay tuned for more Metroid goodness!