Micro Machines: World Series Trailer Brings Back A Familiar Motormouth

When you were growing up in the 80’s (you know, if you were born during that time), you might [...]

When you were growing up in the 80's (you know, if you were born during that time), you might recall seeing the classic Micro Machines toy commercials, with the fast-talking announcer John Moschitta breaking down what you could expect from these awesome little toys. Well, leave it to Deep Silver to stir up some nostalgia for us 80's kids.

The publisher has released a new trailer for Micro Machines: World Series, which is set to arrive next week, and along with featuring a number of vehicles and tracks from the forthcoming game, it also brought back Moschitta to do some smooth talking as we enjoy the sights and sounds of this fun little racing game.

This racing game features 12 different Micro Machines to choose from, along with a number of customization options that present over 50 combinations and upgrades to choose from, so you can get peak performance out of your little racing vehicle. Fore good measure, the game also features 10 different race tracks, with a number of various missions and races to take on throughout the course of the game.

In case you feel like taking on a friend, Micro Machines: World Series also features 15 different Battle Arenas, including one with a familiar setting to the classic board game Hungry Hungry Hippos…so, yeah, don't get eaten while you try to destroy your friends, okay? There are also eight different modes available, so you can try your luck across a number of circuits and see how you fare.

The trailer also features some other classic toys thrown in for good measure, including Nerf Blasters, so you can really deliver a punch on your friends and foes alike, especially with the game's local racing support.

While it obviously won't shake up the racing landscape like Deep Silver's own DiRT 4 managed to do a few weeks back, Micro Machines: World Series looks like a fun little game for all ages – and should deliver when it comes to summertime thrills across everything from a kitchen floor to a pool table. Plus, that trailer really makes us want to hunt down some Mr. T cereal…

Micro Machines: World Series arrives on June 30th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.