Microsoft Brings In Sean Astin To Tell Pirating Stories For Sea of Thieves

Rare’s Sea of Thieves has finally set sail for Xbox One and Windows 10, enabling players to live [...]

Sea of Thieves Sean Astin

Rare's Sea of Thieves has finally set sail for Xbox One and Windows 10, enabling players to live a pirate's life however they see fit. But, before you get started on the high seas, you might want to know a little history about those that have tried before you.

With that, Microsoft has launched a humorous new promotion to promote the Museum of More Pirate, featuring a curator that walks you through the stories of some brave – and slightly stupid – pirates that have tried to live a lavish life. But they didn't bring in just any old narrator to tell the stories.

Sean Astin, who has appeared in such films as Lucas, The Goonies and the Lord of the Rings trilogy, is the guy that walks you through these various stories, which you can see below. He's the perfect guy for the job, since he knows a thing or two about pirates.

First, there's the introduction video, which you can see below. It provides the debut of the curator, and his role at the Museum of More Pirate. "Fame, fortune, scurvy…I wanted it all!" (Oh, and did we mention this museum has a mini-Kraken?)

Next up is the Legend of Lizalaroo, focusing on a pirate that engages in a huge battle, and she fires herself out of a cannon – with somewhat disastrous results.

Then there's Katt Truewalker, another pirate that killed a notorious foe and stole his gold and bananas, among other things. Then she danced a jig, but was apparently unaware that there were ships firing cannons at her from a distance. So, a last dance of Katt, perhaps?

And last but certainly not least, there's the legend of Pikaaroon, "everybody's favorite pirate," who carried a dream to make peace through harmony. It's unclear what happens to him, but it appears he ends up underwater, so someone might have gotten the better of him in the heat of battle.

All of these videos are a lot of fun, and hopefully there's more where that came from, with more tales to be told in bite-sized pieces. After all, we could all use a visit to the Museum of More Pirate and learn more about the adventure that millions of gamers will be jumping into this week.

And doesn't Astin make an ideal curator? Sure, he does! And maybe he'll run into One-Eyed Willy again someday…

Sea of Thieves is available now for Xbox One and Windows 10.