Microsoft, Sony UK Providing Refunds On Marvel Heroes Omega

UPDATE: We've updated this story following reports from several emails indicating that Sony's U.S. [...]


UPDATE: We've updated this story following reports from several emails indicating that Sony's U.S. division is not giving refunds on Marvel Heroes Omega -- only in the United Kingdom.)

ORIGINAL STORY: It was a sad story at Gazillion last week, when the company suddenly shut down servers for Marvel Heroes Omega following an announcement that was made by Disney last week. Not only were employees put out of work suddenly (and without severance or PTO, no less), but thousands of purchases for the game were left in limbo, with no answer from the now-shuttered company.

But it appears that neither Sony's UK divisionor Microsoft are resting on their laurels over the matter. Some users from Reddit have reported that both companies have begun refunding purchases made from Omega, though there are certain things regarding each case.

On the Sony side of things, it appears that refunds are only being given for purchases made over the past 90 days. And, furthermore, only in the United Kingdom. Several users are already reporting getting refunds from buys they made within the game. There's no word on U.S. refunds, and several folks have emailed us notifying that they're not happening.

Sony apparently has a policy stating that "all purchases are final and refunds are not being issued at the moment for North American players." So they may be out of luck there.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is being much more lenient, apparently refunding all purchases made within Omega, including expansions and skins. Microsoft Support confirmed it was doing as such, though it may take a little longer for some to see refunds than others, depending on the purchases. But rest assured, all purchases will be refunded by the company.

That's not to say the PC players (or, for that matter, U.S. PS4 owners) will be getting anything back. It doesn't look like they'll be getting any sort of refund, as Gazillion, or what's left of it, hasn't responded to the matter. So they may be left high and dry when it comes to getting their money back.

It's just a sad case all around, especially for the employees that used to work at Gazillion. As we mentioned, they aren't getting any kind of severance package from the company, nor are they being paid for benefits or paid time off. They're simply stuck with nothing to show for it. Hopefully, they'll get something down the road, because that's just terrible practice.

If you've made purchases within Omega on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, feel free to reach out to support to see if you qualify for a refund. For the most part, you should, depending on when you made your purchases in the game. Good luck!