Microsoft Suggests Not Plugging Your Xbox One X Into A Surge Protector

Considering all the game stuff you have set up in your man cave or gaming room, you might be using [...]


Considering all the game stuff you have set up in your man cave or gaming room, you might be using surge protectors just to make sure everything doesn't go into overload. But, surprisingly enough, Microsoft has suggested that you don't use one when it comes to your newly purchased Xbox One S or Xbox One X.

According to Gizmodo, some consumers have noted that the Xbox One X console won't even turn on if it's plugged into a surge protector. With that, the publisher has put together a support page that pretty much explains why you want to plug it directly into a wall socket.

The tweet below, which was posted on the Xbox Support Twitter page, explains, "Did you know that your Xbox One is designed to be plugged directly into a wall outlet?"

As for why, it appears that the newest builds of Microsoft's Xbox One hardware, including both the S and the X, already have surge protectors built in, melded with their internal power supplies. That means you don't have to go the extra mile of plugging them into a surge protector in case of a lighting strike – they're already covered.

Gizmodo also noted that "if you plug the console into another external surge protector it can reduce the amount of power the console draws from the socket – explaining why some people couldn't turn theirs on."

The site also notes that surge protectors "can affect things like plug-in Ethernet adaptors and stop them working properly," so it doesn't sound like the Xbox One systems aren't the only technology that are hurt by it.

So if you've got an Xbox One X and it's having power issues, check to see where it's plugged in first. Going directly into a wall socket – or a well-protected power strip (with no surge protector) – may be your best bet.

Both the Xbox One S and the Xbox One X are available now at retailers.