'Minecraft' Creator Says "There is An Agenda Against White Men"

(Photo: Microsoft)

Markus Persson, the creator of Minecraft, may be not as busy in the world of video game development as he used to be, but he is quite active on Twitter where he has 3.69 million followers.

As you may know, Persson -- also known as "Notch" -- has found himself amidst controversy due to some of the content he has tweeted out in the past. For example, in 2017 he had some unpleasant words to say about people who don't support Heterosexual Pride Day, though he eventually walked back the Tweet.

Later in the same year he once again found himself on the other side of a barrel of criticism for tweeting out "it's ok to be white."

Fast-forward to this month, and Persson is once again vocalizing some controversial and political takes. Here's a drive-by of some of it:

As you may know, Persson is no longer involved with Minecraft. Back in November 2014 when Mojang -- the company behind Minecraft that Persson helped create -- was acquired by Microsoft for $2.5 billion, the creative left the company he helped propel to the top of the video game development world.


Since he departed Mojang, Persson has been much more, let's say, vocal, on Twitter, and in a heightened political climate that has seemingly seeped into every facet of life, he has found himself in a fair share of controversy. Or, at least Internet controversy. Suffice to say, without being tied to Mojang -- or more importantly, Microsoft -- he has been able to share his takes as freely as he likes, which aren't always inherently political.

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