Minecraft Content Creator Dream Finally Reveals His Face

Since 2014, Dream has established a massive presence on YouTube and social media thanks to his Minecraft videos and streams, yet fans have never actually seen what he looks like! That all changed tonight when the streamer decided to do a face reveal, drawing more than 1.5 million viewers. During the stream, Dream said that the reason for the reveal was that he wanted to finally start meeting some of the friends that he's made online. Dream says that the reveal won't change the majority of his streams, but he will likely do some content where he appears on screen now.

Readers can check out the face reveal in the video embedded below.

The video revealing Dream's face is a relatively short one, lasting just under six minutes. After all these years, and after building such a big following, it's somewhat surprising that he did choose to reveal himself, since the simple black and white drawing of Dream has become so widely recognized. However, it does make a lot of sense, given the context. A lot of content creators on YouTube and Twitch have developed close friendships with one another, and not being able to show his face likely limited the kinds of interactions Dream could have with his audience, and with other streamers.

It will be interesting to see if the reveal has any sort of impact on Dream's following! Given the YouTuber's massive popularity, it's very unlikely that this will have any kind of negative impact. Of course, today's reveal might even get him more followers, as "Dream face reveal" has been trending on Twitter, and those unfamiliar with the streamer learned exactly who he is. Now that he's revealed his face, he can also participate in the kind of in-person collaborative streams that others have done. It's hard to imagine Dream suddenly finding a bigger audience than he already has, but it certainly seems like a possibility after today.


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