Minecraft Players Are Getting Weeks of Free Content

Minecraft players are getting a bunch of free stuff over the next couple of weeks as a thank you [...]

Minecraft players are getting a bunch of free stuff over the next couple of weeks as a thank you gift from Mojang for ensuring "Minecraft remains as creative, safe, and vibrant as ever," Mojang said this week. That free content will come not only to Java players on the PC platform but also to those who have the Bedrock version of the game which should encompass everybody who can play. A preview of some of the content that'll be given away has already been shared, but we'll have to wait until each Monday of the next four weeks to see what's dropping and when.

Mojang shared the trailer below for the Community Celebration to show some of what's coming over the next couple of weeks. After briefly touching on the turbulent year as a reason for this celebration, the Minecraft team thanked players for their commitment to keeping things safe and creative in Minecraft.

"Despite everything, our community has made sure that Minecraft has remained as creative, safe, and vibrant as ever," Sofia Dankis from the Minecraft team said in a post about the community event. "For this, I want to say a big thank you on behalf of all of us here at Mojang Studios."

For Bedrock players, you can look forward to getting new character creator items as well as maps that'll be released over the course of the next four weeks. As for the Java players, you're getting gifts every Monday, too, as well as "a free week of Java Realms between December 8 and January 13 to both new and existing subscribers."

Two separate sites have been set up to keep track of everything that's going on in the community event. There's a site for Java players as well as one for Bedrock players with unopened gifts there attached to different Mondays throughout the month, so be sure to check back on those each week to see what free stuff you're getting.

Minecraft's Community Celebration will officially kick off its free content drops on December 14th with new content coming to the game every Monday afterwards for the next few weeks.