Always Sunny's Rob McElhenney Reveals Why His Expensive Minecraft Movie Fell Apart

It's Always Sunny star Rob McElhenney was once attached to helm a Minecraft movie for Warner [...]

It's Always Sunny star Rob McElhenney was once attached to helm a Minecraft movie for Warner Brothers. The vision he had once wooed Warner Brothers executives, enough for them to earmark $150 million for the project. One thing led to another and the McElhenney's version of the project eventually died and now, the actor is speaking out on his version of the flick.

Speaking with MTV News' Josh Horowitz on his HappySadConfused podcast, McElhenney said he was finally comfortable to talk about it because "f-ck them [Warner Bros] at this point." According to the actor, everything fell apart when Toby Emmerich eventually replaced Greg Silverman has the chief for Warner Brothers film output. At one point the project even had Steve Carrell attached to it and eventually, Warner Brothers replaced the actor with Peter Sollett.

"I thought one of the greatest assets to Minecraft was they didn't have a fixed narrative. It was an open world experience," McElhenney said on the podcast. "All you were essentially give was the building blocks to do whatever you want. I thought, what an amazing tool, much like Legos except now you're talking about infinite possibilities because it's digital, to give to kids--and not just kids, but any person who feels powerless. Kids mostly feel powerless; all day long they're being told what to do, how to dress, do your homework, go to bed."

He added, "I felt like that could extend to other people. I think everybody feels marginalized to an extent. Your boss is telling you what to do all day long, or your spouse is. You just feel like you don't have this sense of agency over your own life. The game gave you that, and I thought that's a really profound experience."

As of last June, Sollet's version of the movie was set for release on March 5, 2022. A logline for the current iteration can be found below.

"The malevolent Ender Dragon sets out on a path of destruction, prompting a young girl and her group of unlikely adventurers to set out to save the Overworld."