MLB The Show 23 Cover Revealed With Release Date

Developer San Diego Studio has today officially revealed MLB The Show 23 to go along with the game's impending launch date. At the end of this past week, it was announced that MLB The Show 23 would soon be unveiled through a new live stream taking place on Twitch. Now, following the events of this live stream, we know when MLB The Show 23 will arrive in addition to the first broad details about the title. 

This year's entry in the long-running MLB The Show franchise is set to launch later this spring on March 28th. This time around, Miami Marlins superstar Jazz Chisholm Jr. is set to be featured on the cover of MLB The Show 23. Chisholm Jr. was one of the most requested choices from fans to potentially appear on the game's box art this year, so his selection has been met with a fair amount of praise and excitement. In a general sense, Chisholm Jr. is still one of the more underrated players in the sport, so his appearance on the game's box art should bring him even more widespread notoriety. 

If there is any potential disappointment with the reveal of MLB The Show 23, it would involve the game's platforms that it will release on. Just like last year, The Show 23 is set to launch across PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. And while the hardware that has been covered here is quite extensive, those hoping to see the series come to PC have once again been left out in the cold. It's not clear why the MLB The Show franchise has yet to make the jump to PC, especially since the series appears on every other notable platform. Sadly, those still holding out for a release on PC will have to continue to wait until MLB The Show 24 to see if their dreams come true. 

What do you think about MLB The Show 23 based on what we've seen so far? And how do you feel about Chisholm Jr. being selected as the game's cover athlete? Let me know for yourself either down in the comments or hit me up on Twitter at @MooreMan12