Monster Hunter World Announced With Epic E3 Trailer

Capcom have truly outdone themselves. Tonight during Sony's E3 conference Monster Hunter World was [...]

Capcom have truly outdone themselves. Tonight during Sony's E3 conference Monster Hunter World was revealed for the first time, and it looks incredible. If you're a Monster Hunter fan, you have to see this for yourself, because there are some huge changes in store when the game launches early in 2018. Check out the reveal trailer above.

Throughout much of the trailer you'll notice a lot of familiar mechanics. Oh look, we're cooking meat, and here, we're setting some traps and skinning dead monsters for hide. That's all well and good, and that's the Monster Hunter that we know and love. What we didn't see coming is the fast-paced action gameplay and new traversal methods. We're also seeing some kind of stealth / cover mechanic that, to my knowledge, has never been featured in a Monster Hunter game before.

Once our hunter is able to sneak around to the front of his prey and initiate an attack the chase begins. Our hulking monster charges through a series of traps and sections of the map which are, per usual, uniquely themed and lush. Once the beast finally matches to catch up to our resourceful hunter we see him toss up a grappling device of some kind and pull himself up to launch another aerial assault. Now this... This is new, and this we like.

We've heard rumors that while Monster Hunter XX and future titles on the Nintendo Switch will maintain the traditional Monster Hunter formula, the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC iteration would modernize things for people who may be unfamiliar with the franchise. We heard that they were getting rid of the timer for missions, and that preparation would be consolidated. While some fans may cry anathema, for newcomers preparing the perfect meal for every hunt may not sound that exciting.

We still have so much more to learn about Monster Hunter World. We'll update you right away as soon as we get our hands on an official press release. Until then, we eagerly await 2018!