Monster Hunter World Gets Eight Minutes Of Stunning Gameplay Footage

Every time we get a new glimpse at Capcom’s Monster Hunter: World, it gets us that much hungrier [...]

Every time we get a new glimpse at Capcom's Monster Hunter: World, it gets us that much hungrier to checking it out and taking on the dozens upon dozens of creatures that are dwelling within its universe.

Capcom has just released a whopping eight minutes of gameplay footage from its forthcoming third-person adventure, and it doesn't disappoint, as the narrator walks us through the world of Rotten Vale, known for its "putrid smells, toxic ecology, rotting carcasses, and some rather resilient monsters."

It doesn't take long before you come across your first encounter in the game, coming across Radoban, the "skeleton scoundrel who coats his tar-like body in the bones of fallen monsters." He proves to be a handful thanks to his natural armor, making him a tough creature to bring down. But that doesn't stop the in-game character from giving it a try anyway, using a number of weapons and defensive techniques to survive the encounter.

As you can see, Radoban is able to roll up and come at the player at a rapid speed, forcing them to scramble out of the way and strike accordingly. It helps to have other players on hand – the game fully supports online co-op – but you can also take it on all alone, if you're daring enough.

It's not long before another monster ends up joining the fray. He's a smaller creature, but he can easily "tear apart larger prey without a moment's hesitation" – and that can serve a benefit to you as you attempt to weak the Radoban.

You eventually lure the creature into another lair, where, yep, even more monsters await. It turns out that using other monsters to your advantage is a common practice you might want to indulge in, especially against tougher foes. Environments can also play a part in damaging monsters too, especially within the Rotten Vale.

Check out the video above, and be prepared to hunt a few of these cunning beasts when Monster Hunter: World makes its debut for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. We sure can't wait to get our hands on this grand adventure. Can you?