Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV's Goofy Infomercial Is Definitely Worth Watching

The new Final Fantasy fishing game called Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV is now available [...]

The new Final Fantasy fishing game called Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV is now available to download, and its launch was accompanied by a pretty entertaining infomercial trailer.

Released on Nov. 21 for the PlayStation VR, Monster of the Deep lets you join up with your favorite Final Fantasy XV characters such as Noctis, Ignis, Prompto, and Gladio along with other characters from the recent Final Fantasy game. The new game acts as a branch of the fishing minigame that was found in the base game that allowed you to catch monstrous fish while sometimes incorporating quests and rewards into the feature.

Even if you're not planning on picking up the new Final Fantasy spin-off to add to your PlayStation VR collection, the trailer is worth the minute and 24 seconds that it takes to get through it. It adopts a cheesy "As Seen on TV" with an equally sigh-inducing, pun-filled description that says "Trust us, we're not baiting you—this game is quite a catch! After that first fish, you'll be hooked!" The trailer stresses one of the best parts about the fishing game: The fact that you don't have to go outside at all to enjoy catching some massive fish. Indeed, this game is best enjoyed from the comfort of your couch without the hassle of bugs, expenses, and the outdoors. The game will run you for just $30, a price that's not too bad if you enjoyed fishing in the main game.

But even when you're not fishing, being able to interact with the other Final Fantasy characters in VR is still a pretty awesome experience. With your custom-made avatar, you can sit next to Noctis and the rest of the party around a campfire while chowing down on the day's catches, just like you would in the main game. You can also boast about your fishing stories by competing against other players on global leaderboards to log your most impressive feats and prove yourself as a master fisherman.

Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV is now ready to be purchased and downloaded on the PlayStation VR.