Mortal Kombat 11: Best Look Yet at Spawn Revealed

Spawn is the final Mortal Kombat 11 fighter that's being added as part of the game's Kombat Pack, and thanks to a new action figure releasing for the occasion, we've gotten one of our best looks yet at the in-game version of the hero. A scan from the latest issue of the Previews magazine showed an upcoming Spawn action figure that's being released by McFarlane Toys. Unlike the other previews of Mortal Kombat 11's Spawn we've seen, this one shows the guest fighter from head to toe complete with all his spiked apparel and signature weapons.

The Toyark reported on this new look at Mortal Kombat 11's Spawn while crediting Action Features with the scan from Previews. It showed a page from the magazine featuring the Spawn figure that's said to be 7 inches tall. Spawn's sporting his usual cape with red, spiked armor affixed unevenly in different places on his limbs.

You can see the head-to-toe look at Spawn in the image below which was shared on Twitter by The Toyark.

This isn't the first time that we've seen Mortal Kombat 11's Spawn since he was first revealed in the game's Kombat Pack trailer and later featured again in the same way other Mortal Kombat characters have appeared. Despite the quality of this scan not being on par with the official images and teaser trailer shared by NetherRealm Studios and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, this is the first full body look at Spawn that we've gotten to show him from the waist down.

The scan of the figure lines up with what we've seen about Spawn in the past since the spiked band around his left arm is in the same place as it was in his official images. It's worth noting as well that this action figure appears to come with a sword accessory for Spawn to wield which would be the first that we've seen of that in relation to his Mortal Kombat 11 form. If the rest of the figure appears to accurately portray Spawn from Mortal Kombat 11, it wouldn't be surprising then to see the fighter wield a sword at times, though this isn't a guarantee that it'll happen.


A placeholder for Spawn's figure from McFarlane Toys has been added to the Previews site. There's no indication as to when it'll release, but it's priced at $19.99.

Mortal Kombat 11 will release Spawn as the game's final known DLC character on March 17th in early access.