Mortal Kombat Writer Would Love to Make a BioShock Movie

. However, eventually the project was cancelled over disagreements about the movie's budget. And [...]

(Photo: 2K)

Greg Russo currently has his hands in a lot of upcoming video game movie projects as a writer, such as Mortal Kombat, Resident Evil, Saints Row, and more. That said, there's still other games he'd like to adapt to the big screen, including BioShock, a 2007 first-person shooter meets horror game from 2K and Irrational Games that is widely considered one of the best games of all-time. And apparently, Russo has been trying to make it happen, because he thinks he has a good idea on how to adapt it, and more importantly adapt it with a manageable price.

"I would love to figure out a way to do BioShock and I've tried," said Russo while speaking to Comicbook (via Adam Barnhardt). "I've been like elbowing everybody I can possibly find, because I think I have a really awesome way to do it that would be really fun. And bring the horror of it to the forefront and hopefully keep the budget at a manageable price. But yeah, that's one that I'd absolutely adore, that be a lot of fun to work on."

As you may know, we haven't seen a new BioShock this generation. The last game in the trilogy -- BioShock: Infinite -- came in 2013, and like the previous two games before it, was critically acclaimed. Since then the series has been dormant, and 2K hasn't suggested that will change anytime soon, though there are rumors and reports suggesting a 2K studio is actually working on a new entry. In other words, the series isn't as prominent as it was a decade ago, but it's still a beloved IP, and more importantly, a series you could see being adapted into a movie.

Once upon a time there was actually a movie adaptation in the works. In 2008 it was revealed that Take-Two Interactive had struck a deal with Universal Studios to produce a movie for the game that would release in 2010. It was originally being directed by Gore Verbinski (The Ring, Rango, Pirates of the Caribbean) and written by John Logan (Gladiator, Hugo, Aviator). However, eventually the project was cancelled over disagreements about the movie's budget. And now here we are, still no BioShock movie, but if Russo gets his way that may change in the future.