Mortal Kombat: Liu Kang Actor Ludi Lin on the Physicality of the Fight Scenes

The Mortal Kombat live-action reboot will strive for much greater authenticity in its fight scenes [...]

The Mortal Kombat live-action reboot will strive for much greater authenticity in its fight scenes than its 1995 predecessor. Several members of the film's cast have a background in fighting or as stuntmen, so the film will feature fewer cutaways, and a greater emphasis on choreography. In a Mortal Kombat set visit, Liu Kang actor Ludi Lin discussed the physicality of the fight scenes, and how having these professionals on-hand makes it less likely that actual injuries will take place during the filming process. From Lin's comments, it seems like the actors have a lot of trust and faith in one another!

"So when you have professionals that can actually do stuff, you have that sense of safety and comfort and familiarity to be able to work with them on the right beat and create those things. So injuries don't happen, but results do happen," said Lin. "And I agree with Simon [McQuoid]. I mean, Mortal Kombat has always been one of the funnest action packed games. It's always a little bit over the top. And that gives you, I mean, action itself. I mean, my martial arts instructor had said this one thing that always stuck with me was that fighting is the most honest language you can have because in the ring, a punch in the head and it hurts. It hurts. You can't lie about that, right? So sometimes these action scenes, they deliver because we have good action. We have physicality. That's something that gives you a guttural emotional reaction as well."

Lin's comments bode well for fans looking for a greater emphasis on authenticity from the film's action sequences. A lot has changed since the first two Mortal Kombat films arrived in theaters, and audiences expect to see sequences that are much more believable, while still being entertaining. Producer Todd Garner has said that several actors are even insistent on not letting their stuntmen do anything! That statement is probably a bit of an exaggeration, but action fans will be able to judge for themselves in less than a month!

The Mortal Kombat film reboot will release in theaters and on HBO Max April 16th. Readers can find out more by checking out the rest of's coverage of the Mortal Kombat reboot right here.

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