Mortal Kombat Producer Says the Goal Was Making "The Most Badass Fighting Movie That's Ever Been Shot"

Mortal Kombat reboot director Todd Garner is looking to deliver the kind of fighting movie fans [...]

Mortal Kombat reboot director Todd Garner is looking to deliver the kind of fighting movie fans have long dreamed of. In a Mortal Kombat set visit, Garner discussed the upcoming film, and some of the action fans can expect to see. Garner has claimed that the film is unlike anything he's ever done in his career; those movies included smaller, shorter fight sequences. Mortal Kombat will be much different, putting a greater focus on longer sequences with fewer cutaways. Garner and the rest of the team behind the reboot are striving to make something that will be quite exciting for viewers!

"You'll hear Lewis [Tan], I mean I guarantee you within 12 seconds he'll say, he's not letting his stuntman do anything. He's done every piece of fighting choreo in this movie. And they all have. So look, going back to your nine years of development, that is the goal, is to try to make the most badass fighting movie that's ever been shot," said Garner. "Which is, there's a lot. I mean going to those Korean movies and Indonesian movies and that giant Jackie Chan's stuff that he's doing in China's, it's a very tall order. So we're going to do our best, we'll see what happens."

Garner seems realistic about his competition in this regard, but it's clear that the director has strong priorities in mind for the film! Mortal Kombat fans are looking for an experience that truly channels the action of the games, and replicating that on-screen will be no small task. To add an authenticity to the fights, the movie will feature a lot of choreography. According to Garner, the scale is unlike anything that's been seen in Hollywood, of late.

"I mean weirdly, you know what, it's been done quite a bit on television, a lot of these guys are coming from shows. That's where they do it. And what's interesting about the TV shows they're doing, is it's much more like what's coming out of Indonesia and Korea and China, because they don't have the budgets. So they're like, we've got one camera, maybe two, have at it guys, you know. I mean obviously I'm being facetious, but you know, they're going to do 50 or 60 beats a choreo, and the cameras are just going to move and these guys are doing it. You know, and they're hitting each other, it's no joke. I mean these guys are... It's because of the stuff they do, I just can't believe they're not knocking each other out. But yeah, I mean then you've got movies like Deadpool and things like that, that are kind of doing it a little bit, but nothing on this scale," said Garner.

Fortunately, fans won't have to wait much longer to see whether or not Garner can accomplish this goal for the film! The Mortal Kombat film reboot will release in theaters and on HBO Max April 16th. Readers can find out more by checking out the rest of's coverage of the Mortal Kombat reboot right here.

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