MrBeast Launching $100,000 Finger On The App Game

MrBeast, one of the most popular YouTube creators, is launching an updated version of the 'Finger [...]

MrBeast, one of the most popular YouTube creators, is launching an updated version of the "Finger on the App" game which will multiply the cash prize of its past efforts by four times over. MrBeast has earned a reputation for giving away wild prizes to friends, strangers, and game contestants in his online videos and now he is making his big cash prizes available to everyone who wants to play through the app. With thee latest Finger on the App game, MrBeast is going to be giving away $100,000. All you have to do to win is keep your finger on the app longer than everyone else who plays.

Finger on the App launched back on June 30 with a $25,000 prize. 1.1 million devices downloaded the game. 400,000 people were still playing the game when it reached its three-hour mark. After 70 hours, MrBeast (real name Jimmy Donaldson) ended the game and awarded $20,000 to the four contestants who were still remaining. The new app is called Finger on the App 2 and will kick off its next contest on Friday, December 29 at 7pm ET/4pm PT. There is no word on how long te contest is expected to last or if MrBeast will wrap the game early and award multiple prizes but it's a safe bet the winner(s) will have their finger on the app through the clock striking midnight on New Year's Eve.

As a means to ensure players are not cheating, the participants will be required to follow an object within the app without removing their finger from it. This is to prevent any contestants from putting an object on the app which could otherwise be registered as a finger.

MrBeast has given away a $1 million prize in the past but the overall value of everything he has given away on his YouTube channel would take hours to calculate. He has opened a free car dealership, taken his friends and their families on shopping sprees, and hosted games of hide and seek where the winner takes home a fat cash prize. He has also hosted games of endurance like this Finger on the App 2 endeavor, having friends sit in a Tesla or keep their hand on a house in order to win the object which they are unable to be distanced from. He has also made strong efforts to help people who have been financially impacted by 2020's coronavirus pandemic.

MrBeast's Finger on the App 2 is available on iPhone and Android devices now. Good luck!