MrBeast May Be Looking To Join League of Legends NACL Esports

Jimmy "MrBeast" Donaldson is no stranger to spending big money on different projects. While he recently announced the end of his MrBeast Burger project, the creator made his name with wild endeavors and massive charity donations. One thing that has seemingly been in the works for at least a year now is MrBeast's intention to purchase a spot in the League of Legends esports scene. Back at Worlds 2022, MrBeast announced that he was "100 percent" going to buy an LCS team, claiming "The question is when. When we do it, I want to have a team that makes it to a stage like this." A new report could indicate that MrBeast's purchase might be coming sooner rather than later.

First spotted by Dexerto, the report comes from YouTuber LS who reports that MrBeast, along with content creators like Tyler1, Ludwig, and MoistCr1TiKal are reportedly interested in joining the NACL. Obviously, this is a bit different from the LCS, but other content creators have seen success in joining the NACL recently. As LS points out when Disguised Toast bought a team, the league saw increased numbers across the board. Plus, Disguised Toast's team has already proven competitive, actually sitting joint-second in the league right now. Getting a content creator on the level of MrBeast would only add to those numbers.

Of course, all of this is still in the early stages. LS noted in his video that Tyler1 has actually been denied the opportunity to join the NACL, but he is still looking to field a team in some way. That said, MrBeast is on a different level from most other content creators. Getting him into either the LCS or NACL would surely be a huge win for either league and help boost viewership in a major way. We also know that TSM is currently selling its LCS spot. If MrBeast decides to jump into that league instead, it would be worthwhile to pay attention to that slot in the coming months.

Either way, MrBeast seems to be committed to getting into League of Legends esports in some way in the near future. It will certainly be interesting to see exactly how he does it and what kind of ridiculous video he releases to celebrate. Whatever happens, MrBeast can rest assured that, unlike his YouTube career, there likely won't be too many "MrBeast copycats" who can emulate this purchase.