MrBeast Shares One of His Biggest YouTube Regrets

MrBeast has shared one of his biggest regrets during his time on YouTube. MrBeast is one of the biggest content creators on the planet, stretching beyond his reach on just YouTube and other social media platforms. He created a fast food establishment, which has since shut down to quality control concerns and a lack of interest. He also created a snack brand with things like chocolate bars and is creating all kinds of really elaborate content. MrBeast has more or less formed a YouTube empire and shows zero signs of slowing down at the moment, especially since all of his content seems to generate headlines.

MrBeast is now talking about some of his regrets since starting his YouTube career. The YouTuber spoke candidly on Twitter about having some regrets about sharing his knowledge about being successful on the platform. Over the years, MrBeast has gone on podcasts and shows to talk about how he was able to grow as a creator and what worked and what didn't. Ultimately, he feels that has led to some copy cats. He noted that he hoped the advice would lead to people using it as inspiration, but instead it created clones of him that have changed nothing about his formula and format. With that said, he's not happy with how things have gone. MrBeast does have a pretty recognizable form of content with his extravagant giveaways and extreme contests. Of course, he also has tons of cash to really make sure no one else can compete at the same level as him.

MrBeast's history is also very well documented on the platform. He did just about anything that would stand out amongst the crowd, including just repeating words or phrases into a camera for many, many hours. It was weird and arguably not "good" content, but it was so outlandish that it caught people's eyes and allowed him to then get a platform where he could make the content that he does now.

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