MrBeast Announces End of MrBeast Burger

MrBeast has announced the end of his fast food chain, MrBeast Burger. The internet has spawned some of the most influential people of the last decade thanks to the rise of platforms like YouTube, Twitch, and TikTok. Celebrities have transitioned from being just movie stars and athletes to now encompassing a whole new group of otherwise regular people who managed to succeed on the internet. MrBeast is one of the prime examples as he's the most subscribed YouTuber and has made a household name for himself with his extravagant content that includes absurd contests, giveaways, and more elaborate productions that leverage his immense wealth. He's also used his platform to invest in businesses, such as candy bars and even a fast food chain.

MrBeast was responsible for a "ghost kitchen" or virtual restaurant known as MrBeast Burger, which was only available through delivery apps. Essentially, these "ghost kitchens" are other ordinary restaurants that prepare food on behalf of a brand like MrBeast Burger. However, unlike McDonald's which is able to maintain a consistency and distinct difference in its food from other chains, ghost kitchens don't really succeed at that as they're just contracted restaurants. There's been a lot of quality concern issues from customers since MrBeast Burger began and it seems like MrBeast is ready to call it quits. Over on Twitter, a fan asked what's the situation on MrBeast Burger and MrBeast responded by telling him it was done as a result of being unable to address quality concerns with ghost kitchens and would be focusing on his snacks brand, Feastables.

Given MrBeast's name is quite literally in the name of the restaurant, it makes sense why he would be hesitant to keep it operational. If it's not performing well, everyone will associate the negative aspects of it with him and come to him with their issues. Either way, it seems like he won't be hurting as a result of it ending given he has a successful snack brand.

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