MultiVersus Reveals Rick Sanchez in New Trailer

MultiVersus is gearing up to add the chaotic scientist that is Rick Sanchez from Adult Swim animated series Rick and Morty. MultiVersus made its debut earlier this year and was an almost immediate hit, much to the surprise of everyone. When rumors of a Warner Bros-based fighting game started to trickle out, many thought it would be a poor-quality cash grab that would amount to very little. After all this was coming off the heels of a Nickelodeon fighting game that was very similar to what MultiVersus would become and it felt very low budget, even lacking voices for the iconic Nickelodeon characters at launch. However, it has been a runaway success and is sustaining it all very well.

Warner Bros. has already teased what's to come with the arrival of Rick Sanchez in MultiVersus. The new trailer sees Wonder Woman battling Reindog before the two are divided by a portal. A meeseeks steps out and is immediately laid out by one of Reindog's attack moves, resulting in other meeseeks pouring out with various melee weapons. Rick Sanchez himself eventually steps out, revealing his MultiVersus form, and lets out one of his signature belches. As of right now, there is no known release date for the game. Given they are teasing him, it seems likely he will be released to the public within the next few weeks. As of right now, there's no clear indication as to when it could be, but October seems likely.

It remains to be seen what other characters will come to MultiVersus in the future. Warner Bros. is a massive company with a treasure trove of IP and there is a lot of untapped potential already. It's unclear how long Warner Bros. wants to see this game live on for, but given its immense success already, it's hard to see it leaving the fighting game community anytime soon. It's made even easier by the fact that Smash has stopped releasing new content and a new entry in the series is likely years away from releasing.

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