MultiVersus Update Released as Players Ask for New Content

MultiVersus got a new update this week complete with a set of patch notes detailing everything that's changed in regards to the game's existing fighters, but one shared sentiment was found over and over again within the replies to the announcement: where's the new content? That's an evergreen sort of question for any kind of game, but MultiVersus players seem to be particularly incensed about new content now that the end of the game's current season looms with only one new fighter added so far in Season 2. Players are looking ahead to Season 3 for new content, though there's been no roadmap released just yet to indicate what's on the way.

The update in question affected just a couple of characters on the roster. Iron Giant, Garnet, LeBron, Marvin the Martian, Morty, Superman, Taz, and Wonder Woman were the only ones that got adjusted, and in most cases, the changes were relegated to bugfixes with Superman and Taz being the exceptions. A change geared towards controller users was the only other adjustment in the patch notes with this patch being the most recent one the game's gotten since February 13th.

If that's all there is to change, that's that, but he briskness of the update after over a month didn't help dissuade players from responding so quickly in the replies to the game's social posts with questions about new content.

"I'm still gonna defend you guys's like you're trying to anger the community," reads one response.

"Am i missing something? where are the new characters??" reads another.

Some players cited a tweet from game director Tony Huynh who said back on November 15th that "there will be more characters in Season 2." That tweet was shared the same day that Marvin the Martian, the sole Season 2 character right now, was revealed. No other characters have been revealed for this season or otherwise at this time.

To add to that, Season 2 was even longer than it was originally supposed to be. On February 8th, the MultiVersus Twitter account said that the season had been extended until March 31st. That puts Season 2's conclusion just barely over two weeks away now, so expect to see more MultiVersus players getting more restless between now and then in search of a roadmap and other teases.