MultiVersus Update Removes Police from One of Velma's Moves

MultiVersus got a new update this week that did a lot of different things ranging from the addition of a new character to plenty of balance updates, but Velma in particular had one move changed that'd apparently come under scrutiny. Velma's passive ability, Snoopin', allowed her to gather evidence before calling the police on her opponents which would then ensnare a fighter and attempt to drive them off the stage. That ability is still in the game, but Velma calls in the Mystery Machine now rather than the police.

The patch notes for the update didn't make a big to-do about the change itself but did include it under the part of the notes specific to Velma. The way the passive works overall remains the same, but expect to see the Mystery Machine being called in now instead of the police.

"Instead of calling the police, Velma now solves the mystery and calls the Mystery Inc. gang and the Mystery Machine to take the bad guys away," the notes for Velma's adjusted passive explained.

The video below from Twitter user and MultiVersus pro Bugzii shows what this new passive looks like whenever it's used.

While no explicit reason was provided for why this was changed, it seems the MultiVersus team may not have liked the optics of Velma calling the police on certain characters. In addition to calling Velma a "Karen," some MultiVersus players had been posting clips or images showing Velma calling the police on LeBron James specifically.

The Mystery Inc. group didn't really make a habit of tossing suspects into their Mystery machine in past Scooby-Doo releases, but it makes more sense to have the vehicle in the game overall given that Velma and Shaggy are both playable fighters. Whether this was always a planned change for her passive or one that was moved along a bit faster after players started sharing those kinds of scenes, it's a change that's in effect now in MultiVersus.