New PlayStation Social Hub, My PlayStation, Launches Today

Sony just launched a new website that you can access from your browser or phone, that it hopes you [...]


Sony just launched a new website that you can access from your browser or phone, that it hopes you will utilize as a kind of all-in-one social hub for you and all of your PlayStation buddies. It's called My PlayStation, and you can check it out right here.

"Today," the PlayStation Blog reads in a new update, "we're happy to announce the launch of My PlayStation, a new social destination on [the] web. Conveniently access and engage with key PlayStation Network features on PC, Mac, mobile phones and tablets. It's a great way to stay tapped in with your friends and the PlayStation community when you're away from your PlayStation 4."

And that's basically exactly what you'll be doing here. If you already have the PlayStation app on your phone, then most of the functionality here will be shared. You'll be able to spy on your friends and see what they're playing and send messages, but My PlayStation does offer you the unique opportunity to edit your profile straight from the page, without having to log on to your PS4.

Here's everything you'll be able to do from the My PlayStation home page:

  • Find Friends

  • Edit your Profile

  • View you and your Friends' Trophies

  • Send and manage Friend requests

  • Send Messages

It's pretty slick! We spent some time clicking around to check everything out, and no doubt this will be a fast and convenient way to check in on your PlayStation friends and communicate when you're away from your console and you don't want to sit around waiting for the app to load on your phone. I do wish that we were able to compare trophies, though. You're able to view your trophies and view some basic information about your friends' trophies, but so far, there's no option to compare specific games between you.

Be sure to bookmark that sucker, and we'll keep you guys updated as additional features are added in the future!