Netflix Reportedly Set To Launch On Nintendo Switch

While the Nintendo Switch has been gaining some serious traction as a games machine, it comes up short in one area: multimedia. A new report indicates that this could all change with Netflix coming sooner rather than later.

The team at GoNintendo have reported that the streaming titan, home to exclusive programming like Stranger Things and a multitude of Marvel-licensed series, is set to make a debut on the Nintendo Switch, though a date wasn't given.

One of the site's users recently noted that a conversation with a Netflix service representative indicated that the app could very well be a go. The only thing that's keeping it from launch is Nintendo giving it approval, and that could happen any day now since the big "N" is always looking for something new to entice current and potential Nintendo Switch owners.

That doesn't mean you should expect it this week, or even this month. If the app was officially set to go, Netflix would be trumpeting it like crazy, and Nintendo likely would've given it some kind of mention during its recent Nintendo Direct special. But it almost certainly will eventually happen, as a Netflix app – along with other services like YouTube – would be welcome on the Switch, spreading its capability past just playing games. Netflix and YouTube alike have ended up on both the Wii U and 3DS in the past.

We'll let you know once official word is available regarding the app. For the time being, you still have plenty of other places you can watch Netflix. It's just a matter of time before we're watching Stranger Things on Nintendo's latest systen.




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